Information Systems and Future-focused Learning Environments

Track Chairs

Allan Sylvester Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand
Janet Toland Victoria University of Wellington New Zealand

Track Description

Education worldwide is experiencing a once-in-a-generation step change as 21st century learners obtain ubiquitous access to technology and knowledge resources to equip them for a connected future. Learning has never been confined to a single location or context. Historically however, learning resources have been concentrated into learning institutions, where teachers directed the learning process.

The ubiquity of today’s technologies, especially the Internet, challenges the concept of the classroom as the primary place of learning and provides exciting new possibilities for truly supporting lifelong learning. Traditional educational institutions and conventional structures are up for renegotiation in all spheres from the early childhood sector to tertiary education, within the workplace, as part of community building initiatives and beyond.

In response to the needs of a new generation of ICT-savvy learners, teaching practices, governments and communities are having to evolve and adapt by incorporating broadband networks, learner-centric applications, new policy challenges and radically different pedagogy that uses cooperative and collaborative tools such as social media.

A future-focused digital learning environment must ensure learners have equitable access to devices, networks, learning environments and teaching methods that equip learners for their future. Teachers as navigators, guides and leaders in this new world are a critical professional group.

This track seeks papers that focus on the role that technology plays in modern learning environments from a traditional and evolutionary perspective. Research contributions may come from all spheres of education technology research and educational practice from early childhood, compulsory, tertiary, the workplace, the community and other settings for life-long learning.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

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