Information Governance and Quality Management

Track Chairs

Andy Koronios University of South Australia Australia
Jing Gao University of South Australia Australia

Track Description

During the past several decades we have witnessed breathtaking advances in technology. Information Technology is growing exponentially delivering incredible benefits to the way we work, interact, play and look after each other; It has been argued that more data was collected during 2012 than in the whole of remaining history of our world.

so much data that they simply had to develop new ways to store and analyse it spawning a As organisations are collecting more and more data, the effective management of this enterprise asset is becoming a major challenge, yet doing so becomes business-critical not only for effective decision making and gaining competitive advantage but also because the number of legal and regulatory provisions keeps increasing.

Information Governance and Quality Management are considered key presuppositions for enterprises in this endeavor. Information Quality Management is an enterprise function aiming at optimizing data quality by using methods and approaches for defining, measuring, analyzing, improving, and controlling information quality. Information Governance is a framework of decision-making rights and responsibilities regarding the management and use of data, aiming at optimizing the value of data and information.

This track invites contributions from those researching information governance and quality management issues from a variety of perspectives such as technological and architectural perspective, the end-user perspective or the societal or group level and of business networking view.

Illustrative (but not exclusive) topics arising from this call include the following:

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