Information Ethics and Society

Track Chairs

Matthew Warren Deakin University Australia
Oliver Burmeister Charles Sturt University Australia
Richard Lucas University of Canberra Australia

Track Description

The aim of the track is to explore the ethical issues associated with the development and application of Information Systems in society. Society is transformed by new forms of information and new ways of creating, managing, sharing and storing this information on a variety of systems. The ethical considerations of Information Systems and their usage can influence the embedding of Information Systems in business, government and society and can influence organisational polices, national laws and the social acceptance of the different technologies. The rate of transformation of Information Systems is increasing exponentially and changing entire societies both in a positive and negative manner. The ethical dimension of these transformations must be considered so the potential impacts on individuals, organisations and society can be understood and the appropriate action taken.

Suggested topics include, but are not limited to:

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