Enterprise System Services and Management

Track Chairs

Taizan Chan Queensland University of Technology Australia t.chan@qut.edu.au
Celeste S-P Ng Yuan Ze University Taiwan celeste@saturn.yzu.edu.tw

Track Description

Enterprise Systems (ES) have become an integral part of business for most enterprises around the world. The implementation of ES, which includes enterprise resource planning, supply chain management and customer relationship management, has been pervasive in various industries and sectors in the past two decades. This has resulted in an ES being ubiquitous and indispensable for most large, medium and small sized enterprises worldwide. Advances in Web 2.0, open-source software, and cloud-based computing, however, have dramatically changed the market dynamics and consequently the landscape of ES architecture, deployment and offerings over the past few years and will be more so into the future.

The impact of these changes, however, has not been well investigated and researched. The aim of this track is to invite rigorous and innovative qualitative, quantitative and the mixed method research into the future of enterprise system services and management.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

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