Electronic/Mobile Commerce and IT-enabled Supply Chain Management

Track Chairs

Lifang Peng Xiamen University China lfpeng@xmu.edu.cn
Zhaowei Miao Xiamen University China miaozhaowei@xmu.edu.cn
Lincoln C. Wood Auckland University of Technology New Zealand lincoln.wood@aut.ac.nz

Track Description

Recent advancements in IT infrastructure and mobile technologies, especially the smartphone and high-speed wireless network, have enabled a plethora of innovative e-commerce services that are not only changing the business landscape, but also greatly affecting consumer behaviour and society at large. Research addressing issues relating to electronic/mobile business innovation and IT-enabled supply chain management will therefore help us better understand the challenges and impacts of these developments. For e-commerce firms, the shackle of operation capability of logistics and supply chain management has become one of the biggest obstacles to the development of e-commerce businesses. For instance, access to timely and accurate information is critical to an effective, integrated, and coordinated supply chain. The increase in size and complexity of global supply chains creates new challenges in gathering and using information and creates new security risks. For consumers and society at large, the uptake of these recent advancements is not without challenges. We invite research articles that provide insights into all aspects of electronic/mobile commerce and IT-enabled supply chain management with attention paid to IS embeddedness in modern business and society.

Topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

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