Accounting and Finance Information Systems

Track Chairs

Wei-Huei (Wendy) Hsu Massey University New Zealand
Ray McNamara James Cook University Australia
Jayantha Wickramasinghe Massey University New Zealand

Track Description

Information systems are increasingly integrated into the fabric of business. Information technologies have made enormous changes in the collection, analyses and distribution of information leading to greater relevance and reliability of the information product. Increasingly, the changes are being fuelled by rapid advances in information and communication technologies. This in turn is leading to sweeping changes in enterprise operating models via the embedding of IT in the enterprise. Rapid ICT evolution is also highly impactful on capital market operations. ICT integration in market operations triggers changes in market trading and intelligent trading. All of these multifarious impacts result in enterprise and capital market gains and costs as well as associated issues of ethics and governance.

In context of these twin strands of ICT–embedding in enterprise and market operations, there is a need for empirical research on the impact on product quality (relevance, reliability etc.); and also for conceptual research on impacts in a futuristic world operating with ubiquitous, ICT technologies.

Emerging impacts include, but are not limited to, the following:

Accounting Finance

Future impacts may come from the following:

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